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There are more than 1,200 audio lessons available at CSLPod. Our lessons cover various aspects of daily life, such as sports, health, travel, business and so on. Here at CSLPod, we are advocates of "Learn Chinese the Chinese Way!"
Every month CSLPod will publish more than 12 new lessons. To date, CSLPod has published more than 1,200 lessons spanning across all levels, i.e. Elementary Level (over 300 lessons), Intermediate Level (over 210 lessons), Upper Intermediate Level (over 230 lessons) and Advanced Level (over 380 lessons).
CSLPod strives to create an ideal and authentic Chinese environment conducive to learning. Our audio lessons employ three different vocal speeds to facilitate learning:
● Slow, intermediate and normal speed for elementary lessons.
● Intermediate and normal speed for intermediate and upper intermediate lessons.
● Normal speed for advanced lessons.
At CSLPod, our Learning Guide is available for download. Contents of the Learning Guide include the lesson text, pinyin and an explanation of the respective lesson. As such, it is extremely useful for mastery of the lesson.
Download Our Learning Guide for Each Lesson and Learn Chinese the Chinese Way.
A word for word transcript of the audio lesson is made available in the Learning Guide. You can refer to the Learning Guide while listening to our audio lesson. Learn Chinese the Chinese Way and gradually, you'll get accustomed to the Chinese way of thinking. Remember, read it, say it aloud, and do constant revision; you're sharpening your proficiency towards native level Chinese.
The Learning Guide for each lesson contains:
  • the lesson text and corresponding pinyin
  • an explanation of the lesson
  • vocabulary and grammar points
  • text translation: you can also embed translations made by CSLPod members into the Learning Guide.
Want to review the lessons? Just play our games.
CSLPod is of the opinion that learning Chinese is a delightful process not to be burdened by laborious reviews. Here, you just need to play games to increase your retention in learning. It's true, learning Chinese is just that easy.
The following games are available at CSLPod:
  • Link the Chinese character(s) to form compound words
  • Match the Chinese character(s) with its corresponding pinyin
  • Select the correct pinyin for the Chinese character(s) displayed
  • Listen to the audio clip and type out the Chinese characters.
Have a hearty discussion with our hosts, teachers and fellow students from all over the world. We're friends.
In the course of your study, CSLPod strongly recommends that you share your doubts, views and stories with other CSLPod members. We encourage you to post your comments in Chinese, don't be afraid of making mistakes, for mistakes are the building blocks of the learning process.
Post your comments, questions, doubts or views.
Do you have a story to share with everyone? Tell us about your happy moments, sad memories, pleasant surprises, etc.
Try translating the lessons into your mother tongue. This method of study is also useful for beginners.
CSLPod recommends this method to improve your proficiency of the Chinese language, take up this challenge and you will gradually discover the efficacy of this method.
Our teachers are here to provide you support in your studies.
Approach our teachers for help on a personal level via Ticket Management.
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