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Want to learn Chinese?
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Why not try CSLPod? CSLPOD?
CSLPOD ‘s full name is Chinese as a Second Language Podcast.

While focusing on the varied topics of the daily life of the Chinese people, we integrate cultural background and entertainment information into our programs. Our objectives are to create an attractive, situational as well as interactive atmosphere for anyone who is learning Chinese, helping them to be able to speak fluent Chinese wherever they may be and whenever they have the time.

We offer regular, free and high quality Chinese courses at five levels: elementary, upper elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate, and advanced. For newbies and the averages, we explain in detail the grammar usages encountered in the texts which are read by Chinese natives at a slow speed for upgrading your listening comprehension. For the advanced learners, all the texts are read at the normal speed. The contents of the texts spotlight the latest hot topics or hot news in China. This will help people to understand better the Chinese society, the Chinese people, their way of life, their thinking style, their interests, as well as their customs.

So, join us and make progress with us. We care about your learning and we are ready to help you. You will see that our program is not only practical, reliable but also friendly. Just a few minutes each day, you will amazingly find out soon that while learning the language, you are getting to know the whole nation at the same time. What is important is that you will get constant help from us.

Join us and learn the language interactively and productively!

We, therefore, welcome you to contact us either by support@cslpod.com; or by visiting directly www.cslpod.com. We hope that we could get your feedbacks as well for perfecting our future work. All your opinions and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Learn Chinese the Chinese Way

CSLPod believes that teaching Chinese by Chinese is the most efficient way to learn Chinese. We call it Learn Chinese the Chinese way. We provide our audience with audio (MP3s) completely in Chinese. We also provide learning materials written in English and Japanese, French and other languange that high-level users help to translate. With these materials, our audience can enjoy studying in a Chinese atmosphere without getting lost or confused.

Mobile and international Study

All of CSLPod’s lesson materials can be downloaded to mobile devices. It’s possible to study Chinese anywhere anytime.

There are more and more apps which make customers Chinese study much more efficiently and privately.

We supply each customer chances to talk with teachers, classmates directly all around the world. Studying Chinese is no longer a lonely and dull task.

Audience Comments

The following are some of the comments we have received from our students:

nicoortegacarreras@hotmail.com SAYS:
It makes you feel happy learning Chinese! Thank you!

Rudling_@hotmail.com SAYS:
This is a great place to start!
This lesson is great! You understand more how the Chinese grammar is build.

nicoortegacarreras@hotmail.co SAYS:

Our features are:
4 in 1

Each lesson is composed of 4 sections: listening, reading, games and comments. We encourage our audience to use their ears, eyes, hands and minds in approaching every lesson, and to be active in learning, discussing, asking and speaking. If you're not familiar with our 4 in 1 approach, you can take CSLPod's TOUR .

Regular updated

CSLPod provides new lessons every weekday. We make every effort to provide fresh, useful, interesting and easy to learn Chinese lessons. Our lessons cover business, travel, sports, medicine, shopping, entertainment and other fields of daily life.

Five-year Accumulation

On February 8th, 2007, CSLPod published its first Podcast. We now have more than 1,300 podcasts and transcriptions. Our lessons are offered at four levels: elementary, upper Elementary intermediate, upper Intermediate and advanced. Chinese Language learners from more than 100 countries have joined us. Our podcasts are downloaded over 10,000,000 times.

The Beijing Advantage

CSLPod is located in Beiiing, the capital of China. Our faculty is composed of second language acquisition experts with master’s degrees or above. They come from many famous universities throughout China, such as Peking (Beijing) University, Beijing Language University, Communications University of China and so on. We teach practical, real Chinese. The pronunciation of our hosts is certified by the Chinese Language Committee. Our syllabus is also guided by the HSK standard (The only Chinese test authorized by the Chinese Language Committee).

Save Time and Money

Our lessons are all around 20 minutes. That means you can get through a single lesson on your way home or take one during your coffee break. Our audio can be downloaded to your portable device for free forever. You will find your Chinese improving so much with such a small investment of time and money.

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