Welcome to CSLPod Subscription, to make the financial balance of CSLPod Project, we decide to lanuch this Lesson subscription.
Features of CSLPod’s subscription:
  • CSLPod advocates learning Chinese in Chinese Way. We believe the best way to master a language is to live in a pure Chinese atmosphere. CSLPod supplies every subscriber with lesson audios of slow, intermediate and normal speed in pure Chinese.
  • CSLPod Library’s working mechanism is the same as a magazine. It will continuously publish new lessons periodically, three lessons a week, currently.
  • Subscribers are able to choose whatever they want from CSLPod’s library which contains more than 1300 lessons. These lessons vary from elementary, upper elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels, covering business, travelling, culture, health, medicine and other 14 topics in daily life.
  • Subscribers have the access to CSLPod’s software/Apps for iPhone/iPad. CSLPod is going to make out more software/Appss to make Chinese study more efficient and interesting for our subscribers.
  • Every lesson has a text, vocabulary, audios, audio subtitle and learning guide for subscribers.
  • Subscribers have the right to talk to CSLPod’s teachers online, or send their questions to teachers’ emails.
Features of CSLPod’s subscription
Lesson Material
Lesson content and translation
Lesson audio (with audio synchronous subtitles)
Learning Guide(PDF) file download
Vocabulary and sentences(text & audio)
Listening test and Vocabulary exercise
Favorite lesson and vocabulary
Custom Feed
Custom Lesson Feed. With this feed, you can import lessons by any RSS Reader.
Mobile Access
Teacher Support
Propose questions to CSLPod’s teachers.
Or composition correction by CSLPod’s Teachers
Lesson Customization
You can propose a topic which you want to study. CSLPod will try to make new lessons according to your demand as possible as we can.
# of Frequency:
-  Standard + One-On-One Practice
  • CSLPOD provides subscriber an online practice class (30 minutes, One-On-One) every two weeks.
  • One-one-One online class uses Skype(video chat).
  • Subscriber reserves an One-On-One class by email before 3 working days.
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