Client software for Windows(XP,Vista,Window7)
Learn Chinese with CSLPOD (Client software for PC) is a smart software which helps you to learn Chinese in Chinese way in your computer. With this software, user can download lessons from CSLPOD library. CSLPOD library contain over 1400 lessons, covering 18 categories(Bussiness, travel, culture and so on). All the lessons are divided into five levels (Elementary, Upper Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced). Every lesson has text, text pinyin, audio subtitle, text translation, detail explanation, vocabulary, audios and games which make your Chinese study convenient and available anytime, anywhere.

In this software, you are able to:
  • Listen to text audio;
  • Read subtitles of each text and explanation;
  • Learn Chinese sentence by sentence or word by word;
  • Receive and deliver comments;
  • Choose the lesson you like to learn;
  • Get informed once there is new lesson;
  • Submit your question to CSLPod teachers;
  • … …
Software download (Microsoft Windows OS, WinXP/Vista/win7 or higher):
CSLPod-1.0.4 Version (Download Now)
How to use this software:
1. Download the software from CSLPod website(Link...). :
2. Double-click the "CSLPod" file icon to launch the software.
3. If you cannot launch the software correctly, it means you may need install the "Microsoft DotNet Framework 2.0 Library". You can install the Library from the following links:
Microsoft Framework 2.0(x64)
Microsoft Framework 2.0(x86)
Preview of this Client software for PC
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