What are the services provided by CSLPod?
CSLPod provides Mandarin courses for learners of Chinese as a foreign language.
Course materials provided by CSLPod include: Lesson text, pinyin of the lesson text, lesson audio, audio synchronous subtitle file (lyric) for the lesson text, audio clips of individual sentences, and audio clips of vocabulary.
By following our lessons, not only will you learn Chinese, you can better understand the way Chinese people think, Chinese culture and the current issues in China. All lessons offered by CSLPod relate to topics that are of concern to learners of Chinese (while simultaneously integrating special points of interest regarding modern day society).

How many new lessons does CSLPod broadcast every month?
CSLPod will broadcast at least 12 new lessons every month (new lessons will be published every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Excepted are statutory public holidays.)

How many lessons are there in CSLPod's archive?
Over the last five years, CSLPod has published over 1,300 lessons.

How are the lessons in CSLPod classified?
All lessons are classified into five difficulty levels: Elementary, Upper Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced lessons.

What are the main characteristics for each of the difficulty levels?
Here at CSLPod, all of our audio lessons are in authentic Mandarin Chinese. CSLPod's teachers use clear speech to record each lesson, which is then followed by an explanation. An audio synchronous subtitle file (lyric) for the lesson text is also available to facilitate mobile study. Some of the other characteristics are as follows:
Elementary and upper elementary lessons: Teachers employ slow, medium and normal speed to record the text. By repeating after the teacher, elementary learners can have a stronger memory and retain what they learn. At this level, you will learn words which are simple and high frequency.
Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced lessons: teachers employ normal speed (which is relatively close to the regular speech of a native Chinese) to record and explain the lesson text. Users can make use the Learning Guide and audio to firmly master the more difficult words, word order, sentence pattern and means of expression. In the process, users can use the audio and improve their listening ability of the Chinese language. At the same time, lessons for the intermediate levels and above are designed by CSLPod to cover more relevant and interesting topics pertaining to China, Chinese culture and current trends in China. By learning those lessons, users can better understand Chinese culture and the way the Chinese people think.

CSLPod has been providing free lessons all along, why the switch to paid subscription?
Ever since CSLPod released its first lesson in early 2007, we have always been persevering in providing this free service. However, we regret to inform everyone that by offering more services and also with the expansion of our team at CSLPod, we are faced with a huge burden in terms of financial expenses. In order for us to correct CSLPod's financial situation, and also in order to continuously improve our service level, the CSLPod team has decided to implement paid subscription. We hope that everyone will be understanding and will continue to support CSLPod. Thank you!
Should you have any finanical difficulties, you can apply for free unrestricted access to lessons at CSLPOD Free Application:

I would like to access CSLPod's lesson. Can I have free access to your lessons?
CLSPod's lessons are paid subscriptions. Lessons will only be available upon subscription. If you wish to have free access to CSLPod's lessons, you can try applying for CSLPod's Free Application:

Can I use iPhone or iPad to download CSLPod's lessons?
Yes. You can download CSLPod's lessons from the iPhone and iPad Subscription Apps at the App Store. (名称:)

Can I import your audio lessons into my iPod for study?
Yes. You can use CSLPod's Custom Feed (RSS) to facilitate import of lessons into your iTunes and iPod for study. Please refer to this webpage:

Can I study CSLPod's lessons offline?
Yes. CSLPod will soon be releasing a PC client software. By using that software, you can download CSLPod's lessons into your computer and learn offline.

What are the services available to subscribers?
CSLPod subscribers are provided with a rich source of lessons. You can use iPod, iPhone, iPad or our PC client software (our Android App is in progress) to facilitate download of our lessons. If you run into any problems in the course of your study, you can make use of the various channels available to get help and guidance from our teachers. For more details, please refer to this webpage:

How do I pay for my CSLPod subscription?
Please follow the following steps in order to subscribe to CSLPod's lessons:
1. Proceed to our CSLPod Store. There is a link to our subscription page. ( );
2. Choose your preferred subscription type (CSLPod offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly subscriptions);
3. Please verify your subscription details (subscription user name, subscription type, and payment amount. If the details are correct, click on the "Subscribe" button to proceed with your subscription.
4. CSLPod will automatically redirect you to the Paypal website to make your payment. Please follow the steps provided on the Paypal website to make your payment.
5. When your payment has been successfully completed, CSLPod will receive a notice from Paypal and immediately make your subscription available.
6. Your subscription is now active and you are free to access all of CSLPod's materials.

I have a credit card. How can I pay?
At CSLPod, we do not store our user's credit card information. We recommend that you use Paypal to make your payment. If you own a credit card but do not have a Paypal account, you can enter your credit card details while making payment and Paypal will automatically create an account for you and complete your payment process.

How do I use Paypal to make payment?
Using Paypal to make payment is very straightfoward. After you have selected your item of purchase, click on "Make payment" or “Subscribe”, our system will automatically redirected you to Paypal to make your payment. Enter your Paypal details, and upon verifying your payment details, you can complete your payment process. Upon successful payment, you will be automatically be redirected back to CSLPod and provided with details of your transaction.

I'm a subscriber. How do I download CSLPod's lessons?
There are many methods from which subscribers can obtain CSLPod's lessons. Some of the more common methods are listed below:
1. You can learn online at CSLPod's website.
2. You can use your Custom Feed to import the lessons in your subscription into your RSS reader, for example, iTunes, iPod and start learning.
3. You can download the PC client software published by CSLPod to import CSLPod's lessons onto your computer and learn offline.
4. If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download CSLPod's Subscription App for iPhone and start learning.
5. If you own an iPad, you can download the Subsciption App for iPad released by CSLPod and start learning.
6. If you have an Android smart device, you can download the Subscription App for Android released by CSLPod and
start learning (this is still work in progress).
I am a subscriber, how do I cancel my subscription?
It is no hassle at all to cancel your CSLPod subscription. You can log onto your Paypal account, look for the entry which automatically make payments for your CSLPod subscription. Click cancel and it will complete the process of cancelling yor subscription.
Since CSLPod does not store users' credit card details and Paypal account details, cancelling a subscription can only be completed by the user. We at CSLPod have no means to assist our users in cancelling your subscription.

What are Credit Points?
On our website, CSLPod has a Credit Points system.
Below are the methods by which you can obtain Credit Points:
1.Introduce CSLPod to your friend. After your friend has logged into CSLPod, you will receive your reward.
2. When you help us translate CSLPod's lessons and your translations are downloaded by other users, you will obtain points (you will obtain points for every download). Because of this, not only can your high quality translation help more learners of Mandarin, you can also obtain considerable Credit Points as reward.
Below are the methods by which you can consume your Credit Points:
Download our lesson's audio synchronous subtitle file (lyric);
Download our Learning Guide.
Redeem CSLPod's products.

What is CSLPod Course?
If you do not feel like subscribing to CSLPod's lessons, you can consider purchasing our courseware for your studies. Our CSLPod Course offers a meticulously selected assortment of lessons which has been divided into different topics by our teachers. These selections will continue to grow, so that you can choose lesson topics according to your preference. CSLPod Course is an online course released using a life-time mode. With your purchase, you can log onto CSLPod anytime to learn online.

What is the Learning Guide (PDF). How should I use it?
At CSLPod, for every lesson, a Learning Guide in PDF format is made available for download. Our Learning Guide contains the entire lesson content. This includes: Lesson text, pinyin for the lesson text, explanation of the lesson text, translation of the lesson text (users can embed translations by other high level users) and the key explanation of that lesson's vocabulary. You can download the said PDF to your own computer, where you can print it out for learning

What is an audio synchronous subtitle file (lyric)? How do I use it?
At CSLPod, the audio that comes with every lesson has a subtitle file (lyric) that is synchronous with the audio. In this way, you can see the lesson text when you play your audio file. For more details, please refer to the following steps:
1. Please check whether your audio player supports audio synchronous subtitle.
2. Put all your CSLPod lessons, i.e. the lesson audio (.mp3) and the synchronous subtitle file (.lrc) into the same directory.
3. Play the audio file for the lesson and your audio player will automatically dislay the synchronous subtitle.

New CSLPod lessons no longer show up in iTunes's Podcast. How should I set it up?
CLSPod now provides users with a Custom Feed. You can subscribe to that RSS Feed and also add that feed to your iTunes. At the moment, this facility is only available for subscribers.(For details, please refer to:

My iPhone App cannot download new lessons. What should I do?
If you encounter any difficulties, you can write to us at, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.
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