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大家好,今天是中国的农历新年,CSLPOD给您拜年了!在过去的一年里,承蒙各位厚爱,CSLPOD的业务越来越壮大。在新的一年里,我们衷心地希望您能一如既往地支持CSLPOD。在即将迈进马年的时刻,我们为大家送上新年的祝福:二零一四马年到,万马奔腾景壮观。新年迎来新气象,快马加鞭都争先。马到功成事业灿,昂首阔步勇向前。愿你马年 福禄寿,新年快乐合家欢!
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Lesson Title:
Lunar New Year Greetings from CSLPod!
Lesson Summary:
Today, on New Year's Eve, the most important day of the year for the Chinese people, CSLPod wishes everyone Happy New Year!
Lesson Content:
Hello everyone! Today, on Lunar New Year, CSLPod wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Our service has grown from strength to strength in the past year and we are grateful for everyone's strong support. For this coming year, we would like to extend our heartfelt hopes that you will continue to give us your support. As we gallop into the year of the horse, we would like to present everyone with our good wishes:

2014 heralds the year of the horse,
Ten thousand horses galloping, a breathtaking sight;
The new year ushers in a new atmosphere,
Whip the speeding horse, vie to be champion;
Success in an instant, a career brilliant,
Hold your head high and strive forward with valor;
May blessings, prosperity, and longevity be yours in this year of the horse,
A picture perfect of a happy family on a joyous New Year.
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