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  • Published :     12/19/2014
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UpperIntermediate #1771 工资缩水
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Xintao: Finally I’ve got my salary. I’ve been waiting for my first-month salary and now I got it. I intend to have a substantial meal on the weekend. Hum!
Yangyang: What’s up?
Xintao: My salary is less than what I’ve expected.
Yangyang: Look at your payroll and there are all items that are deducted. Apart from the individual income tax, three insurances and one fund, there isn’t much left.
Xintao: You are right. But what are the three insurances and one fund extractly?
Yangyang: Three insurances are endowment insurance,medical insurance,and unemployment insurance while the one fund is housing provident fund, which is a tax of social guarantee.
Xintao: I see. There are some deducted items for some reasons I don’t know.
Yangyang: Let me see. It turns out you were fined because you were late.
Xintao: Oh, I forgot that. That’s all about traffic jam last week.
Yangyang: Don’t try to find excuse.
Xintao: It seems that I should change my weekend plan.
Yangyang: I think so.
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