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  • Published :     10/01/2014
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UpperIntermediate #1767 店铺选址
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Yangyang: Hey, this is great! I think here is an ideal site for our new store.
Xintao: No. According to the plan, this area is an office area rather than a retail center. Our store is supposed to be in the retail center.
Yangyang: Can we suggest the program office to replan this area?
Xintao: It’s too complicated.
Yangyang: Nowadays many office buildings are designed as multi-functional ones with commercial area on the first few floors and office area and residence area on the other floors. We can suggest them to make this building a multi-functional one.
Xintao: It's easier said than done. It’s not easy to change their plan.
Yangyang: Maybe we can rent here in the name of office and then run our store. What do you say?
Xintao: If we do that, then we’ll never get the business license. Every section has its own regulation and it’s not easy to fool the inspectors.
Yangyang: Forget it. We’d better look for somewhere else. There must be someplace that is more suitable than here.
Xintao: This is the only way out.
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