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  • Published :     11/12/2014
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UpperIntermediate #1755 学乐谱
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Xintao: Your voice is very nice. Please join our chorus!
Yangyang: But I have no knowledge of music theory. Even I can’t read a stave.
Xintao: Never mind. I can teach you. Look, this is the tracks we are preparing.
Yangyang: What symbol it is at the very beginning?
Xintao: That’s clef. It tell you the name and pitch of the notes.
Yangyang: How about these numbers?
Xintao: That is used to mark the beat for each section.
These small numbers marked above is rhythm.
Yangyang: It’s a little complicated. Why these music symbols are written in same position?
Xintao: That is chord. That is to say they will be playing out in the same time. Is it difficult as your imaging to read a stave?
Yangyang: I think I still do not understand.
Xintao: Anything unclearly please ask me, I’m sure I will teach you to understand it. We can try duet, or I accompany with you.
Yangyang: I think you overestimate my level. But I want to try. At least I think I can sing in tune, I’m not a tone deaf.
Xintao: You are too modest! I think you overestimated our chorus level.
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