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UpperIntermediate #1751 报价
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Manager Wang: Hello, Mr. Li. This is Wang from A Company speaking.
Manager Li: Hello. Have you received the quotation from our company?
Manager Wang: Yes, we have. We like it very much. But the price needs to be discussed further.
Manager Li: We really want to obtain this project. The price is the lowest that I can offer. Details can be negotiated.
Manager Wang: We wonder if the labor quotation can be reduced. We think the price you offered seems a little bit high.
Manager Li: Maybe we can do it. We cut another 5%, what do you say?
Manager Wang: This is attractive but we still expect that the number would be 10%.
Manager Li: This gives me a hard time. You know we have cost and this project brings us a small profit.
Manager Wang: Let us meet each other half way. How about 8%?
Manager Li: Mr. Wang. You’re bargaining. If the price is the only obstacle of this project, I would like to give you 8%.
Manager Wang: I’ll try every effort for a better cooperation.
Manager Li: OK. I’ll send you the revised quotation as soon as possible.
Manager Wang: That’d be great. I wish our cooperation a success
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