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Intermediate #1750 第一次坐火车
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    乘客A: 你好,请问开往哈尔滨的火车是在这里候车吗?

    乘客B: 对啊,这是你第一次坐火车吗?

    乘客A: 你怎么知道?


    乘客A: 这是我第一回坐火车去这么远的地方,而且还要中转。

    乘客B: 哦,我明白了。你下一趟车的票也在自动售票机取了吗?

    乘客A: 取好了,我刚才进站的时候在人工窗口取的。

    乘客B: 那就好。还好我还没有听到有关这次车要晚点的通知。听说这周它已经晚点两次了。希望这次能准点到。

    乘客A: 但愿吧。如果这趟车晚点,我们就有可能赶不上下一趟车,车票就作废了,还不能改签,只能重新买票!

    乘客B: 没关系的,如果是列车晚点造成的,可以让列车长给咱们开张证明。这样就可以改签,而且还不需要手续费。

    乘客A: 那太好了!我可以松一口气了。你听,广播里说咱们这趟车开始检票上车了。


Passenger A: Hello, I will take the train to Harbin, shall I wait here?
Passenger B: Correct. Do you take a train first time?
Passenger A: How do you know that?
Passenger B: There is big doubt on your face.
Passenger A: This is my first time to take train to a place so far. And I need to transit another train.
Passenger B: Oh, I see. Did you take the ticket for the train you will transit on the automatic ticket vendor?
Passenger A: Yes, I got it. I got it in the manual window when I entering the station.
Passenger B: That’s good. It’s a good news that I have not been noticed this train will be late. I heard that this train was late twice this week. I hope it’s on time this time.
Passenger A: I hope so. If it’s late, maybe we would not catch the transit train, then the ticket will be invalid. It’s not allowed to change the ticket date. We can only re purchase the ticket.
Passenger B: No problem. If our transit train ticket is invalid because the late of the train for first half journey, we can ask the train conductor to provide a certification letter. Then we can change the ticket date for transit train without any charge.
Passenger A: That’s great! I can have a relax. Listen, the broadcasting is saying, it’s beginning to check ticket of our train.
Passenger B: It’s really on time today. Let’s go.
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helloi' m back!!!!大家好!!!

same meaning,一样的意思,第一回和第一次都是first time的意思,第一回相比较更口语化一点more oral
same meaning,一样的意思,第一回和第一次都是first time的意思,第一回相比较更口语化一点more oral
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