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  • Published :     10/03/2014
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Intermediate #1738 天气预报
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Xintao: Shh…Don’t talk. I’m listening to the weather forecast of this week.
Yangyang: Do you have any important arrangement this week?
Xintao: Keep your voice down!
Radio: Under the influence of a new cold air, there will be a gale in the city. Heavy rains will be in majority of the areas.
Xintao: That’d be great!
Radio: On Tuesday, the weather will be sunny and the temperature will increase.
Xintao: Oh…
Radio: But in the afternoon, it will be cloudy. In the evening, due to the high humidity, there will be a rainfall.
Xintao: The much more it rains, the greater it would be!
Radio: On Friday, the temperature will decrease greatly due to the strong cold air, maybe by 20 degrees.
Xintao: Great!
Yangyang: Why are you so happy about the bad weather?
Xintao: You know what? Next week seven or eight good friends would drive to my house to have fun, and they would stay for one week!
Yangyang: Ah…I see. How can you be a good friend?
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