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UpperIntermediate #1735 挑礼物
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Huzi: It’s a big worry. My girlfriend’s birthday is coming, what gift is appropriate?
Qingqing: You are good at selecting gifts! Why do you have no idea now?
Huzi: I thought about it for several days and still have no good idea. If I select a bag of famous brand as gift, it’s good, but too expensive! If I selecting clothes, I don’t know which brand she favorite. If I only invite her a dinner, is it too gaudy?
Qingqing: Oh, I see. You want save money and not gaudy. I have an idea for you.
Huzi: Good! Tell me. If it’s really a good idea, you will get some return.
Qingqing: You should invite her to have a dinner. It’s better to have western-style food, the environment of the restaurant should be elegant. And you bring out a bouquet of roses and lilies as a gift.
Huzi: This idea is not wise enough. Having a dinner, sending a bouquet of flowers, I have ever thought of them.
Qingqing: I’m not finished. In order to make the dinner and flowers into no gaudy, you need to say the dialogue I teach you.

Huzi: Dialogue?
Qingqing: When you sending the flowers, you should say this: I’m unable to make any recompense for the love you gave me, the only thing I can do is take all my life and enthusiasm to love you. I promise my love will never change while everything is changing. My love will not change because we become old, my love is always fresh and bright just like today. Happy birthday to you!
Huzi: Wow! Your words give me goosebumps! How can you think it out!
Qingqing: Hee hee, I learned from the TV play of “Princess of Pearl”. And learn to practice.
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