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  • Published :     05/02/2014
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Intermediate #1734 买餐具
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Yangyang: We have to buy cutlery. Our cutlery is chipped and cracked.
Xintao: Ok. Go ahead.
Yangyang: Won’t go with me?
Xintao: I believe in your choice. I like everything you like.
Yangyang: Anyway, you should give me some advice. Look at this set of cutlery online, there are six plates, six cups and six spoons. And all of them could be used in microwave. What do you say?
Xintao: Great. Let’s just get that then.
Yangyang: Wait, this set is great, too. This is bigger than that with more beautiful patterns, isn’t it?
Xintao: Great. Let’s just buy that.
Yangyang: We can’t. We have to see the real stuff.
Xintao: Where are we going?
Yangyang: Let’s go to the supermarket to buy cutlery. That’s why I’ve been checking on the Internet.
Xintao: I said I like everything you like. Just buy the cutlery you like.
Yangyang: Won’t you go with me? Let’s go!
Xintao: I finally get one day to have a rest. And this football match just begins. Please let me finish this match.
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