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Intermediate #1714 睡个好觉
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I’ve been on a business trip out of town for the past three days. I plan to go back to hotel to have a good rest. However, No sooner had I slept, the telephone rang.

Xintao: Hello.
Worker: Hello, sir. Welcome to our hotel. We’re offering you the best service. Please let me know if you have suggestion and advice about our service.
Xintao: OK. No problem. Now I’m going to have a rest.
Worker: Yes. Just let me know if you need any help.

I put the phone down and pull out the telephone wire. I don’t want to wake up because this kind of stupid call. However, somebody is knocking my door.

Worker: Hello, sir. It’s housekeeping service. Do you need us to make a bed for you?
Xintao: No, thanks.

I put the sign of “Do Not Disturb” on the door when I close the door, thinking now that nobody can disturb me. However, the alarm in the corridor is ringing. I open the door and the workers in the hotel say there is a fire in the kitchen and the visitors are evacuated. We have to leave this hotel right now. Oh, my God! I don’t even have a chance to have a good sleep!
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Ilove your conversations. I teach English.
make a bed = construct a bed, It should say "make the bed"
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