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  • Published :     07/11/2014
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Advanced #1702 克服演讲恐惧
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To Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Are you afraid of public speaking? There seems no one could say he never has fear of public speaking. Although they seem to be calm, their inner heart might be a total mess with heart beating and sweating hands. All these are syndromes of fear of public speaking. Even speakers and statesmen would feel nervous and frightened on certain occasions.

The first step to overcome the fear of public speaking is to adjust our attitude without thinking if there is whispering or not. Many people worry about their speech would be exposed to ridicule, which makes them more frightened. Secondly, you can ease your emotion and dissolve strain and fear. Besides, you can do some practice before the speech. For example, practicing before the mirror, wall. And then do that before your family, friends and colleagues. Finally do it before strangers. You can practice yourself in different contexts to improve your confidence so as to reduce your allergy to public speaking.

In different situations, you will feel relaxed with different ways to practice public speaking. You anxiety would be reduced and your public speaking ability would be improved significantly.
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