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Advanced #1688 懂得倾听
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In ancient times, there is a foreign ambassador who pays tribute of three exactly same golden men. To obtain it, one must answer the question made by the ambassador: which golden man possesses more value? The ministers come up with many ways such as asking jewelers to check, measuring their weight and checking their workmanship, but it turns out they are exactly same. Eventually, an old minister takes three straws to insert into the ears of them respectively. The first straw comes out from another ear. The second straw comes out from its mouth. The third straw drops into its stomach without any sound. Therefore, the old minister concluded that the third golden man is the most valuable one. The ambassador smiles and says yes because the first golden man stands for those people who don't listen to, the second golden man represents people who are bragging after listening while the third one stands for those who are good at listening.

Listening is an excellent way of communication. If you want to be understood, then you must open you heart and listen to what others say. Therefore, it’s said that those who are good at listening are good at communication. We don't have to pay for listening to become an ideological stakeholder. With listening ears and compassionate heart, we can get to the place where we've never set our foot on and obtain things we've never had before.
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