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Advanced #1462 烽火戏诸侯
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    洋洋:都说重赏之下必有勇夫,果然不假。有人给周幽王出了一个点子,是这样的。周幽王带着褒姒一行人浩浩荡荡来到烽火台,周幽王搀扶着褒姒一步步走上烽火台。二人迎风远眺,极目四望,果然是惬意无比。在褒姒兴致很高的时候,周幽王令人点燃烽火,只见一股狼烟,直冲云霄,煞是壮观。过不多时,只见远处烟尘滚滚,原来是各路诸侯见烽火乍起,以为外敌来犯,派兵来救幽王。见诸侯上当,一脸狼狈,褒姒果然展颜一笑。幽王见褒姒开心,自己也笑得前仰后合 。


    洋洋:赶来的诸侯问道:“大王点燃烽火,可是有敌人来犯?” 周幽王笑得上气不接下气,说道:“寡人和你开玩笑的,你们还当真了,真是傻子”。诸侯们异常恼怒,但碍于他是国王,不好发作,只好愤愤地挥手,领兵退去。




YY: According to historical materials, the Queen of the King You of Zhou Dynasty was so beautiful that the moon hides her face and the flowers blush for shame when seeing her, and she had a dazzling beauty that made the fish sink and wild geese fall.
XT: Aren’t the hiding moon and the blushing flowers the descriptions of the beauty of Diau Charn while the sinking fishes and falling geese the descriptions of that of Zhaojun Wang?
YY: Yes, they are. You can imagine how beautiful she was.
XT: It’s said that the Queen had never smiled to King You of Zhou Dynasty since she married him. She always wore a cold and cool face.
YY: Even if she was beautiful, she didn't like to smile. She was such an icy beauty.
XT: It’s so unlucky for the King to marry such a Queen.
YY: The King was worried about it too, but he didn’t want to force his wife to smile. He wanted to try his best to make her smile willingly. One day, he told his citizens that who made the Queen laugh would get a reward of ten thousands money.
XT: Did he succeed to get someone who had a good idea?
YY: The money was so inducible and a lot of people attempted to present their ideas to get the money. The King accepted one of the ideas. The King invited the Queen to the Beacon Tower, and they climbed to the top. The scene there was very intriguing and relaxing. When the Queen was delightful, the King set the fire. However, the fire was only lighted when there was enemy coming, so the smoke brought about a lot of governors who led their army to protect the King. The Queen smiled when she saw the governors, exhausted, being made fun of. The King was excited and laughed when he saw his wife smile.
XT: This joke had gone too far. How could the King play a trick on the governors? Weren’t they angry?
YY: The governors asked the King whether the enemy attacked the country. The King laughed and said “It’s just a joke. Don’t take it seriously. You are such idiots!” The governors were furious. But they could do nothing to their King, only to withdraw their army.
XT: He is so loathsome.
YY: What’s worse, the King considered this idea useful, and did it for another two times. Even though the governors knew the King was playing tricks on them, they still sent their army on the second time, but left angrily. On the third time, the governors didn’t even react to the fire.
XT: The King deserves it. He made fun of people who trusted him and supported him. That’s why he was utterly isolated in the end, and killed by the enemy intruded.

--Translated by Jewel@CSLPOD
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