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  • Published :     12/26/2014
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Intermediate #1774 问候病人
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X: Hello. Is that aunt? This is Xintao.
Y: And me, your most adorable Yangyang. I am talking to you from the extension in the kitchen.
X: I heard that you are ill. We are calling to ask you how you feel now. You should lie down in the bed and get some rest. Then you will recover faster.
Y: Come on, aunt. Don’t listen to him. You should get some exercise instead, which will accelerate the recovery. Lying in the bed all day long won’t be good to your health.
X: I don’t want to mess up with you. Aunt, you should listen to me and have more rest. What’s more, you should avoid spicy and oily food, or you will get into trouble of dehydration.
Y: Yeah, he is right for this time. You should take less food, instead of spicy food only.
X: Don't talk nonsense if you know nothing about the recovery. Have you ever heard the old saying as "feed a cold, starve a fever"?
Y: What does this have to do with aunt’s disease? She will be fine using several ice bags.
X: What are you talking about? What she caught is a bad cold.
Y: Ah? I thought she got a backache.
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