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UpperIntermediate #1743 考驾照
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Xintao: I pass the Subject No.4! Look, it’s the driving license I get today.
Yangyang: You have to tell me about it! I’ll take the examination next week and I can’t get sleep these days.
Xintao: Never mind. It’s not that difficult as you think.
Yangyang: I’m not worrying about final theoretical examination. It’s the road test that I’ve been worry about. I haven’t practiced how to drive cars recently. You’d better tell me the test procedures.
Xintao: OK. After you get on the car, adjust the seat and the rearview mirror to suit your needs. Remember to fasten the safety belt. And then I drive along the street, which mainly checks your control when there is traffic lights and pedestrian crossing. And it also sees if you shift gears on time.
Yangyang: It sounds difficult. What else?
Xintao: The examiner also asked me to change lanes and overtake. Remember to make a turning signal and not to speed during the process.
Yangyang: Finally pull over? I’m worry about this most because I can’t figure out the distance.
Xintao: Yes, after you pull over, the road test is over. Why are you so anxious about the road test? It’s not that hard.
Yangyang: As I said before, I haven’t practiced that recently.
Xintao: How many times have you practiced?
Yangyang: Er…About twice? And I did that in the field.
Xintao: If you take test next week, you’d better hurry your practice.
Yangyang: Yeah. So I’m thinking about if you…
Xintao: Oh! I have something to do.
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