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  • Published :     10/06/2015
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UpperIntermediate #1739 电视停播
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Yangyang: The second series of this TV play is going to start tonight. It has been postponed twice and I can’t wait to see it.
Xintao: Is that the TV play with more than 100 episodes?
Yangyang: Exactly. It’s one of my favorite TV plays.
Xintao: Then I’m sorry to tell you this bad news. It has been pushed back again.
Yangyang: How could it be? It was because contract consultation affairs before. Then what’s it now?
Xintao: I have no idea. But there must be some miscellaneous reasons. They keep doing that all the time, replacing it by other program.
Yangyang: So bad! I’ve been waiting for the second series for a couple of months. Forget it. I’m going to see my favorite talent show.
Xintao: That show is cancelled, too. The importance news program is in on TV now.
Yangyang: Are you kidding me? Why is the whole world against me? I’ve had it enough. I’m not going to watch TV anymore.
Xintao: Huh? We’ll see how long you would hold on.
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