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Intermediate #1730 新好男人
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When I met him for the first time, I feel he was a perfect gentleman. He would open the door for me and pull out chair for me in restaurant. He is definitely a rare good man. After we kept a relationship for a period of time, I found that his standards for good man seem different to mine.
Male: Come on. I’ll help you with the bag.
Female: Never mind. It’s not heavy.
Male: That’s alright. I’m your boyfriend. If you carry a bag while my hands are empty, that’d be bad.”
Female: It’s my own bag and I will do it myself.”
Female: If my friends see you carrying a bag instead of me, they would think I’m not a gentleman at all.”
Female: Do you carry my bag for me because you really care for me or because you care about what your friends think of you?
Male: Of course I care for you.
Female: This bag is light and I can do it myself. Do I make myself clear?
Male: Ah…It’s really hard to be a good man!
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