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  • Published :     07/23/2014
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Advanced #1707 无“妻”徒刑
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Recently, the newly revised Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Rights and Interests of the Aged, an idea that it’s against the law of children don’t visit their parents has aroused widespread controversy. When the journalist interviewed people on the street that how they feel about this law, an old man suddenly was out of control, shouting:”It’s not against the law if they don’t visit us but they don’t get married when 30s.” What this old man said has aroused a hot debate among people from all walks of life. Citizens said will those unmarried people get a penalty of no wife?
In recent years, we have found many over 30-year-old people keep single. Many people are hesitating to be married facing high marriage cost, becoming leftover men and leftover women. It’s not because they don’t have their beloved but because they don’t have money, trust and courage to be married. According to research made by relevant media, the marriage cost for the generation after 80s is 263 times more than the generation after 60s. The cost of house accounts for 80% of the whole marriage cost and many relationships are lost in the setbacks and difficulties. This is maybe another disease of this society, which makes love a luxury. We often complain about the realistic society but don’t know we’re becoming more realistic during the complaining.
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