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Advanced #1477 北京的自来水
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    近日,媒体报道《北京一对夫妇20年不喝自来水》引发了关注,妻子赵飞虹与丈夫长年进行水质研究,被指深谙自来水、纯净水与矿泉水的秘密。报道中描述,赵飞虹夫妇凉着喝“昆仑山”、沏茶用海“火山岩”;做饭用北京本地矿泉水...... 也养成了自来水不碰嘴唇的习惯。




A news report about "A couple in Beijing have never drunk tap water for twenty years" has drawn people’s attention recently. In this report, the woman Zhao FeiHong and her husband have been doing researches about water for a few years. They are said to know about the secret about tap water, pure water and mineral water. These couples drink directly the water of brand named “Kunlun Mountain”, make tea with the water of brand “Volcanic”, and cook with the local mineral water of Beijing according to the report. They have cultivated a habit of not drinking tap water. After reading this news, everybody must be curious about what exactly happens to tap water in Beijing. Is the spoiled tap water safe? People become anxious and skeptical about the quality of water in Beijing.

The Beijing Running-water Company declares that Beijing tap water totally meets the national standard, and the quality of it rank tops of China. As for the sediment suspending at the top of spoiled water, the expert indicates that it’s calcium magnesium carbonate, which does no harm to human body and won’t lead to gallstones. The by-product, produced by sterilizing, existing in tap water may probably influence people’s health. Water purifying equipment at home is helpful if people want to raise the quality of water, which can improve the safety of water. What should be mentioned is that people have to prevent secondary pollution when using water purifying equipment. Make sure the equipment is timely changed and cleaned.

After hearing the report, do you feel relived about the quality of tap water?

--Translated by Jewel@CSLPOD
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