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Intermediate #1403 《论语》
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A: Xin Tao, over here! (Yang Yang waving at Xin Tao)
B: Yang Yang, it has been a long time since I last saw you. It's so late, I hope it wasn't too much trouble for you to come and pick me up.
A: It’s not troublesome at all, I am more than happy!This is precisely what Confucius meant when he said, "Isn't it delightful to have friends coming for a visit from far-reaching places?
B: Confucius! I made this special trip to learn more about Confucian culture. Come on, tell me other classic sayings of his.
A: Confucius also said, "More haste, less speed."
B: What does that mean?
A: This phrase is telling us that when we're doing something, we shouldn't be anxious for immediate results. Contrary to one's expectations, one might not achieve one's aim by being too impatient. If you want to learn the Confucian culture, you should accumulate it gradually, learn it step by step. Only then can one be regarded to have learned something.
B: Ah, I understand now. This saying teaches us that there is no shortcut in whatever we do. We have to be down-to-earth, progress bit by bit, and accumulate knowledge bit by bit.
A: Yep, this is exactly what it means. There is another Chinese saying that is similar with it in meaning, "haste brings no success!" If you want to learn more of Confucius' classic sayings, I suggest you buy a copy of "The Analects of Confucius." You can read it while touring around Qufu.
B: That’s a good idea, I'll get a copy from the bookstore tomorrow. This is Confucuis' hometown, is it also the hometown of the "The Analects"?
A: This... I'm not sure. It should be, I think.
B: In the "Analects" it says, "Acknowledge you know something only if you know it. If you don't, then admit that you don't know." I suppose this is what it means.
A: Not bad, that's not bad at all. From the looks of this, you've already looked into "The Analects" a little, huh?
B: Ha-ha, I'm teaching a fish how to swim.
A: When we're touring around tomorrow, you can ask the tour guides, perhaps they will know.
B: Ok, we'll have a good rest tonight and gather up sufficient vitality. We'll find out the answer of this tomorrow.

--Translated by Jewel@CSLPOD
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那就是“一口吃不成胖子“。 脑子里理解,可是
不太容易。 在论语,除了上面说的以外,还说什么呢?
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