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UpperIntermediate #1333 牙疼不是病,疼起来真要命
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Patient: Doctor, will you please quickly give me some painkiller?
Doctor: You shouldn't simply take painkiller, where's the pain?
P: (Pointing at her own tooth) This tooth really hurts, it really tallies well with the saying, "a toothache is not an illness, yet the pain hurts so bad!" Doctor, use any means you have, just help me ease the pain.
D: Open your mouth, let me have a look. (The doctor looks and speaks at the same time) How many days have you been having this toothache? Your face is all swollen.
P: Around three days in total. Before, it didn't hurt when I wasn't eating, so I didn't take it seriously. This morning, even when I wasn't eating, it hurt so bad that I just can't bear it anymore.
D: I'll prescribe you some painkiller first, but it can only relieve the symptoms, it doesn't get to the root [of the problem.] It can only temporarily relieve your pain.
P: Yep, I'm clear on that. Right now, easing the pain is the priority. Doctor, how are you going to completely cure this toothache?
D: This tooth of yours should be extracted, otherwise this problem will recur.
P: Can you extract it now? It would be best if you can extract it right away, I can't bear to face this pain again.
D: No, now won't do, we have to wait until the pain eases off and the swelling subsides before it can be extracted.
P: Sigh, having a toothache is a living hell. I can't eat properly, and I also can't sleep peacefully.
D: Yea, you should take good care of your teeth regularly. It's best if you can brush your teeth in the morning and at night; rinse your mouth after food. You should also reduce intake of foods that are icy cold or burning hot so that you can maintain a set of healthy teeth. This way, you can avoid such torment and at the same time, it is also beneficial for your health.
P: I'll know better next time [lit. fall into a pit and you'll be wiser next time]. In the future, I'll surely be more attentive. Thank you doctor.
D: No problem, take your painkiller first, when the pain stops, you can drop by again and let me have a look.
P: Ok.

--Translated by atchooo@CSLPOD
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