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  • Published :     01/29/2014
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Advanced #1632 别人家的孩子
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“There is an enemy against me called ‘other people's child’ since I was a child. He never plays games, never goes shopping and all he knows is nothing but studying. He is good-looking, obedient and docile and his parents never need to worry about him……I’m always the worst kid in my mom’s eye and she even anxiously wants the ‘other people's child’ to replace me as her child……” This is a post on Internet called “Other People's Child”, presenting Internet users with same experiences that stimulate emotion. Most people said that they hate this intangible opponent, who forced them into constant comparisons.
Does this “comparative-style” family education really work for children? In fact, this kind of education can only causes three results: the first result is that it works; the second one is that it doesn't work; the last one is that this can easily result in sense of inferiority and disobedience. As a matter of fact, while parents do compare their children with other children, it’s actually a result of parents’ keeping up with the Jones. On the contrary, parents should let their children compare with themselves rather other children. Besides, it would be better for parents to make compliment and approval of merits of their children first, and then analyze merits of other children objectively and finally give advice about how to learn from others. By doing so, children will be much more easily to accept psychologically, which would avoid causing negative emotions such as sense of inferiority and disobedience.
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