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  • Published :     01/24/2014
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Intermediate #1630 人脉
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M: Yanyyang, we need some professionals to advertise our new company.
Y: Manager, you have got the right person. I am not bragging. I do have a strong network in this industry. I know many insiders who have a great influence.
M: Is that true? I don’t even know that you have got such an advantage
Y: Manager, do you know Lao Cao in the internet company? He is my college schoolmate. And Lao Li in the Software Company is my high schoolmate.
M: Wow, they are both heavyweight persons. It seems that there won’t be any problem if you are in charge of the publicity of our company.
Y: Manager, you don’t have to worry about it. Except for them, I still know a lot of people who are professional in publicity. And they will try their best to help me as long as I ask them.
M: That’d be great! Given that you have got such strong networks, if you complete this publicity perfectly, I will ask the general manager to give you a promotion.
Y: Thanks for your preferment.
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